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Download New Health Care Funding Taxes The Impact on Business Owners: THE FEDERAL INCOME TAX treatment of business income for both the business and its owner is a complex topic. Tax minimization, of course, is an extremely important goal when selecting the form of business entity and determining the type of operations. (939 KB)

Download 2014: First Half Market Outlook: WELCOME TO 2014. AFTER 2013, many are wondering what is in store for the markets and for the investor as we move from all the handholding to allowing the markets to possibly stand on their own merits. Investors have some decisions to make about what they are saving for, their financial goals and concerns, etc. (429 KB)

Download Uses of Life Insurance for Small Business Owners: EVERY BUSINESS OWNER HAS problems to solve. What most business owners do not realize, however, is that cash value life insurance can be one of their better problem-solving tools. (570 KB)

Download Answering the Outrage The Truth about Life Insurance: FORTY YEARS AGO THERE were 250,000 career and captive life insurance agents, traditionally those whose contract and compensation systems rewarded life insurance sales. Today there are 150,000, a 40 percent drop. (206 KB)

Download AG 38: A Need-to-Know Issue for Advisors: ACTUARIAL GUIDELINE 38 (AG 38) goes far beyond actuarial minutiae. It is a trending issue that impacts the life insurance industry from both product and advanced planning perspectives. (458 KB)

Download Disability Insurance—More Than Cash Flow Protection: ROBERT WAS A SCUBA instructor who was building a successful business. He taught all levels of scuba diving, had a small dive store and led groups on trips around the world. (195 KB)

Download A More Practical Way to Self-Insure Long-term Care: WHEN IT COMES TO long-term care (LTC), affluent individuals often feel they can afford to self-insure their LTC risk. But is self-insuring the most efficient use of their assets? (100 KB)

Download Mitigate Medicaid Limitations for Special Needs Children: AN UNDERSERVED MARKET DESERVING of our attention as financial advisors consists of families with special needs children (anyone with one or more disabilities who has not yet reached age 65). Estimates say more than 40 million Americans are disabled. (385 KB)

Download Pick Your Business Partners or the State Will Pick Them for You!: AS MOST OF US know, if you fail to execute a personal last will and testament, the state has intestacy laws that will dictate how your estate will be disposed of. What about your business? (395 KB)

Download Professional Practices Need Focus on Succession Plans: IN MOST BUSINESS PLANNING scenarios, succession planning for the business and retirement planning for the owners are often treated as separate concerns. In contrast, according to the March 2012 American Lawyer article “Retiring in Style,” formal succession plans for professional practices are more likely to link a nonqualified retirement benefit with a buy-sell payout. (467 KB)

Download Ten Reasons Why the 4 Percent Rule Is Too Simplistic: WILLIAM BENGEN’S SEMINAL STUDY in the October 1994 Journal of Financial Planning, “Determining Withdrawal Rates Using Historical Data,” helped usher in the modern era of retirement withdrawal rate research by codifying the importance of sequence of returns risk. The problem he set up is simple: A new retiree makes plans for withdrawing some inflation-adjusted amount from his or her savings at the end of each year for a 30-year retirement period. (767 KB)

Download Planning Retirement in a Rising Tax Environment: IF YOUR CLIENTS ARE among the many planning to leverage their retirement accounts or proceeds from the value of their business for retirement income, the challenges and obstacles in today’s uncertain environment can be overwhelming. More often, it adds complexity to one of the most important financial issues your clients will face in their lifetimes: Will their money outlive them or will they outlive their money? (527 KB)

Download Family Business Dynamics An Interview with Larry Grypp and Michael Hirschfeld, Esq.: Learn about the intricacies of communication within a family business. (393 KB)

Download Small Business Owners Face Realization and Retirement Risks: ACCORDING TO THE SMALL Business Administration (SBA), in the U.S. economy, small businesses account for nearly half of all private sector employees and pay 43 percent of total U.S. private payroll. Over the past 17 years, they have generated 65 percent of net new jobs and have created more than half of nonfarm private GDP. (723 KB)

Download Now, What Are You Going To Do With It? Earning your financial services designation is just the beginning.: “WELL, THAT’S THE NEWS from Lake Wobegon, where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking and all the children are above average.” Fans of public radio’s weekly program A Prairie Home Companion will instantly recognize that quote as the closing line to Garrison Keillor’s monologue about happenings in that fictitious rural Minnesota town. (115 KB)

Download Build Value in Your Agency: WHY ARE SO MANY agents and financial advisors unable to sell their businesses when they reach retirement? They have made a wonderful living and helped numerous clients along the way, but most have only retirement accounts to show for their 30-plus years of hard work. (345 KB)

Download Life Insurance Product Trends for the Ultra-Affluent Market What’s Selling and Why: THE ULTRA-AFFLUENT MARKET, GENERALLY defined as estates of $25 million and above, has differentiated life insurance product needs relative to the general buying public. This article details trends in ultra-affluent life sales by product type, including commentary on factors driving sales for certain offerings. (339 KB)

Download The Dark Side of Index Fund Investing: Learn about the unintentional side effects of index fund investing on market efficiency, portfolio risk management, corporate governance and corporate financial policy. (263 KB)

Download Future of Obamacare Small Business Exchange Looks Grim: Market realities pose big questions for the viability of Obamacare’s Small Business Health Options Program. (1.1 MB)

Download Inspiring Special Needs Daughter Illuminates Financial Advisor’s Purpose: WE HAVE FOUR CHILDREN, and we are very proud of all of them. Dana, our second child, was normal growing up. (252 KB)

Download Frank Nathan, CLU® The Huebner-Hollywood Connection: FAME AND FORTUNE ARE certainly no strangers to Hollywood. The swirl of entertainment and the world of movie production attracted countless hopefuls in search of meaningful careers. (316 KB)

Download Going, Going, Gone: EITHER IN PERSON, ON the screen or in the song, we’ve all heard the voice of the auctioneer exclaim, “Going once, going twice, gone!” So it is with each of us; every day is going, going, gone. (110 KB)


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