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Download Social Security’s Role in the Advice You Provide How does Social Security fit into your client’s financial plan?: If Social Security is going to be a part of your client’s income stream in retirement, shouldn’t you understand how it works? Although we casually know it as Social Security benefits, it is formally called the Old-age, Survivors and Disability Insurance (OASDI) program. (923 KB)

Download America Fails RICP® Retirement Literacy Quiz Advisors should take a proactive approach to improving Americans’ retirement literacy.: Retirement income literacy for those moving into retirement is critical. There are many important decisions to make about when to retire, claiming Social Security benefits, addressing medical insurance, investing a retirement portfolio and choosing strategies to convert assets into income. (154 KB)

Download Buy-out Arrangements: Complete Them with Disability Coverage Every buy-out arrangement should include a contingency for disability.: Small-business owners have many concerns, ranging from which benefits they should provide to their employees to the best direction in which to steer their company. But their greatest fear may be not knowing what could happen to their company if a co-owner dies prematurely or becomes disabled. (661 KB)

Download The Cornerstone of Sound Financial Planning: Permanent Cash Value Life Insurance Help minimize portfolio risk with permanent cash value life insurance.: A high degree of interest rate and principal loss risk exists in both individual bonds and bond funds. Bond funds have no alternative to this risk, and individual bonds must be held to maturity to assure no principal loss. (461 KB)

Download Managing Your Tax Bracket Surrounded by Tax Uncertainty Life insurance helps clients meet multiple objectives in tax planning.: Taxes are central to client planning, especially now that we are in tax season on the heels of April 15. However, tax uncertainty abounds. (249 KB)

Download A Beneficiary Designation Is an Estate Plan — Educating Clients and Heirs Do your clients know the ins and outs of choosing beneficiary designations?: There are several methods of transferring property at death. A transfer of probate property by a valid will or a deed of transfer will generally involve the assistance and advice of an attorney. (846 KB)

Download Letter of Intent A guide to caring for a person with a disability or other special need.: One of the most useful documents to have on hand for a person with a disability or other special need is a completed Letter of Intent. Yet as valuable as it is to have, many families — regardless of their good intentions — don’t have one. (1.2 MB)

Download ABLE Act Provides a Lifeline to Special Needs Individuals and Their Families The ABLE Act helps special needs families manage tension between public and private benefits.: Millions of children in the U.S. have special needs. Their families confront a unique set of circumstances and challenges in creating a long-term strategy that appropriately benefits the child. (389 KB)

Download Fairness: The Key to Special Needs Planning The fairness question is particularly significant when families are making long-term financial plans for their special needs child.: Parenting is tough work. It is not for the timid or the faint of heart. (344 KB)

Download Creating a Residential Option for a Person with a Disability: “One of the biggest fears of parents is that there are caregiving options out there in the world that are as good as or better than what they’ve been providing. It’s a double-edged sword,” says Jerry Hulick, CLU®, ChFC®, ChSNC™, CLTC, who is a chartered special needs consultant (ChSNC) and special care planner with the Washington Group Special Care Planning Team in Fairfax, Va., an affiliate of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual). (463 KB)

Download Capital Improvements as a Medical Expense A missed opportunity for families with special needs children?: Over the last few decades, the number of children diagnosed with autism, Asperger’s syndrome and other intellectual disorders has skyrocketed from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 68, according to the Centers for Disease Control (March 28, 2014). (422 KB)

Download Reflections of Over 25 Years: It’s my great pleasure to have the opportunity to interview an individual whose contributions to The American College have been many and substantial. This individual’s name is Stephen D. Tarr, MSM, CLU®, ChFC®, CAP®, CASL®. (281 KB)

Download Teamwork — Another Perspective: How and Why You Should Manage Your Client’s “Team” Do you know who makes up your client’s team?: Much has been written about the benefits for financial advisors to have knowledgeable, skillful, high-performing teams that provide key content and back-up support. Such teams enable the advisors to invest their time in those activities that have the greatest positive impact — building new business relationships and strengthening existing relationships. (755 KB)

Download Are You Speaking Your Client’s Language? Use your words to drive more effective disability insurance sales discussions.: The right language, used the right way, can show your clients that you understand their reality, and more importantly, that you’re willing to take the time to develop a strategy that works for their needs. Words have undeniable power. (479 KB)

Download Evolving Your Vision — The Difference Between Creating and Sustaining a Winning Culture For a thriving financial services business, keep your vision relevant and evolving.: When I visited Stanford University on my baseball recruiting trip in the spring of 1995, I knew it was where I needed to be. The team was consistently qualifying for the College World Series in their annual quest for a national championship, and I knew that if I was accepted, I would be a better me for being a part of it. (328 KB)

Download The Timeless Impact of Client Building: Client building is at the core of a successful practice. And in our culture, client building is more than a catchphrase. (196 KB)

Download Rethinking Variable Universal Life Variable universal life is more than an equity-linked product.: Advisors and consumers often think of variable universal life (VUL) as just an equity- linked product. But for many, VUL is much more than that. (541 KB)

Download The Three R’s of a Credible Online Presence Build a positive reputation with effective, online tools.: Whether you are an independent agent or a local agent representing a major insurance carrier, a credible online presence is a requirement in the digital era of business. The typical prospect has completed more than 55 percent of the buying process by gathering information online, talking to friends and through other channels before ever speaking with a sales representative. (650 KB)

Download The American College Integrated Media Platform A company training program your advisors can carry in their pocket or purse.: Over the past decade, the expansion of informal online courses and lectures found on sites like YouTube®, Khan Academy and TED have changed the way people consume education. Learners want content that is fresh, entertaining and delivered on devices they like to use — their cell phones and tablets. (491 KB)

Download Disability Insurance Isn’t Academic Anymore Disability insurance can provide income when your clients need it the most.: The phone rang early one morning. It was an insurance producer with whom I had worked a case a year and a half earlier in a rural area. (460 KB)

Download Reaffirmation of Accreditation at The American College: Accreditation by a regional accreditor is not an absolute requirement for all colleges and universities but, in many cases, it is necessary for an educational institution to survive. For example, Title IV funding is available only for students attending regionally accredited colleges and universities, and the CFP Board only recognizes CFP educational curricula at regionally accredited colleges and universities. (146 KB)

Download Charles J. Zimmerman, CLU® — Little Things Mean a Lot: Little things mean a lot, it has been said. Take, for example, Charlie Zimmerman’s handkerchief neatly arranged in his breast pocket, its pointed folds guiding the gaze upward to his generous smile and his eyes that seem both wise and hopeful. (241 KB)

Download Passion-based Marketing Try following your passion to market your business.: Contrary to popular opinion, prospecting is not a four-letter word. It’s actually 11. And marketing is only nine, which makes it just slightly less painful. (251 KB)

Download Compliance: Why You Need to Sweat the Small Stuff Small instances of noncompliance can be indicative of larger ones.: I bet when you think of the band Van Halen, compliance is not the first thing that comes to mind. Parties, loud music and big hair are generally not the sorts of attributes one imagines could coexist along with clever compliance-testing strategies. (836 KB)

Download The Artist Within: How did you happen to end up where you are today? Not many people ever dreamed of becoming an insurance agent, financial advisor, financial analyst, insurance company officer or actuary (127 KB)


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