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Download Retirement Planning Ideas: A Better Mousetrap: For centuries, academics and professionals have strived to enhance the knowledge of their discipline. They have created and then reinvented state-of-the-art thinking on retirement planning. (333 KB)

Download counting on change Financial Planning for the Next Ten Years: Financial Planners are not in the business of predicting the future. They practice in a world of uncertainty, often avoiding the word guarantee. (3.1 MB)

Download Black Swans, Perfect Storms and Tipping Points Solutions to Another Financial Meltdown?: You have no doubt heard the terms black swan, perfect storm and tipping point, as use of such descriptors has become increasingly common in labeling catastrophic events. In fact, in 2007, Lake Superior State University awarded perfect storm its top prize for words that deserved to be banned for overuse. (674 KB)

Download If You Like Annuities, You’ll Love a MEC!: Many agents seem to believe that early funding of a life policy that is classified as a Modified Endowment Contract (MEC) is always bad for the client. After all, lifetime withdrawals from a MEC do not have the same favorable income tax consequences as withdrawals from a non- MEC policy. (793 KB)

Download Three Simple Life Insurance Client Discussions for Times Like These: There is a looming crisis for Baby Boomer women. The facts are clear: 7 out of 10 Baby Boomer women will become widows. 1 (359 KB)

Download Financial Issues that Concern Everyone: Scott Davison, CLU®, ChFC®, the Chief Financial Officer of OneAmerica Financial and an American College alumnus sat down with Senior Vice President, Steve Tarr, for an in-depth look at what’s happening in the area of insurance financials. (452 KB)

Download Redefining the Public Good Limited Access to Financial Services, Higher Costs, and Educational Monopoly?: There is a rush toward increased financial services legislation at the federal level. Each proposal purports to serve the public good by ending excessive financial leverage, limiting systemic risk, creating new oversight or providing more consumer protections. (476 KB)

Download The Final Countdown What Will Happen to the Estate Tax?: Nearly thirty bills have been introduced in the 111th Congress to repeal or revise the estate and gift taxes, but no real effort has been made to move such legislation through either the House or Senate taxwriting committees. This is because the legislative agendas have been dominated by health care and, additionally, other issues such as climate change, regulatory reform, and expiring tax provisions are waiting in the wings. (140 KB)


Winter 2009

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Winter 2009


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