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Download Clients, Cloud Computing and CTOs: January 1, 2011 marked the death of the hundredpage financial plan. The date may have passed you by; there were a limited number of Hallmark cards marking the event. (333 KB)

Download Key Competencies for Proper Retirement Income Planning: The New York Life Center for Retirement Income at The American College recently brought together retirement experts and practitioners from various branches of the financial services industry to discuss the knowledge, skills and competencies needed to provide successful retirement income planning, or decumulation planning, for a client. The conversation was fascinating as the group discussed their thoughts about what it takes to provide answers and strategies for clients dealing with the financial planning challenge of maintaining their standard of living throughout retirement in the face of unknown longevity, inflation, market conditions and other variables. (1.2 MB)

Download Myths and Realities of the New Estate Tax Changes: Now that the initial shock and surprise resulting from the long-overdue estate tax reform has subsided, there’s been some time to pause and reflect. At first glance, the immediate reaction of many estate planners that I spoke with was that Armageddon had arrived. (738 KB)

Download Retirement Perspectives: When we think of financial software, we don’t often think about programs available through the government. However, over the last several years the Social Security Administration has added a number of useful calculators at (535 KB)

Download An Employer Bright Side to Healthcare Reform?: Since the enactment of Healthcare Reform, it has been one of the most publicized and controversial topics in our nation. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act along with the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act (referred to as the Affordable Care Act or Healthcare Reform), truly is a total reform of the current healthcare system. (383 KB)

Download Practical Advice for Creating a Diverse Firm: The need for diversity in the financial services realm is ever present. To stay relevant, financial advisors must be able to tailor their services to mirror the ethnic and cultural changes in society. (259 KB)

Download Smarter Tech Use – Improved Client Service: All of us are being driven to change our behavior through the use of technology no matter what we do. With this in mind, I thought I’d interview several individuals responsible for providing timesaving technology to producers, clients and peers within the financial services industry. (519 KB)

Download Five Guidelines to Achieving Success: In the summer of 1978, I began my career as an insurance agent in Richmond, Mo., population 6,000. That summer, the Bee Gees were Stayin’ Alive, gasoline cost 63 cents a gallon and Grease was No. 1 at the box office. (220 KB)

Download Leverage Technology to Support Your Practice: Times have changed, and so has the technology available to help you market yourself, strengthen your relationships with clients and prospects and, ultimately, build your business. If you and your firm are not taking advantage of the latest technology, then you’re falling behind your competitors! (250 KB)

Download Indexed Universal Life: Indexed Universal Life (UL) has been the shining star of the life insurance industry since its resurgence in 2005, clocking double-digit growth figures in spite of a relatively stagnant overall industry environment. With its promise of market-linked upside with principal protection, Indexed UL is a compelling and unique asset class story for cautiously optimistic investors. (529 KB)

Download Life Insurance and Qualified Plans: The use of qualified plan funds to purchase life insurance has long been an option for those with a life insurance need. In some cases, limited liquidity dictates the use of such funds; in all cases, there can be significant tax and business advantages to funding life insurance needs through a qualified plan. (301 KB)

Download What to Know About Long-Term Care and Medicaid: Long-term care (LTC) concerns are growing in the United States. With the passage of the Deficit Reduction Act 2005, signed into law Feb. 8, 2006, those concerns loom even larger. This act brings new rules that make it far more difficult for seniors in need of long-term care to get assistance from Medicaid. (601 KB)

Download Time for Disability Income Insurance?: The last couple of years have been extremely difficult for many Americans. Many business segments have struggled. Your clients, both personal and business, have suffered. (371 KB)

Download Innovative Strategies to Enhance Charitable Giving: The classes I took live at The American College to qualify for the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy (CAP®) designation are among the most meaningful of my career because of the potential to use life insurance products to help worthy causes. Plus, charitable giving devices can often reduce a family’s estate tax burden with tax-favored replacement of donated values to heirs using life insurance. (454 KB)

Download Trading the Golden Years for a Platinum Engagement: As veteran financial advisors, many of you have the opportunity to counsel clients on various major life transitions—starting a new family, selling a business or planning for the wealth transfer of an estate. You may even have experience in managing the financial elements of another profound client transition: retirement. (321 KB)

Download Leveraging Technology to Build Customer Value in 2011: Technology continues to grow at a rapid pace, not just in terms of speed and availability, but also in user adoption. The growth of social media and the pervasiveness of mobile devices suggest that the financial services industry will continue to see change at an even faster rate. (269 KB)

Download Joining the iPad Revolution: Laptops—They are so 1990s! What are you doing to distinguish your agency as cutting edge and relevant in today’s market place? (384 KB)

Download Tablet Computers Coming on Strong: The ability to consume and present multiple forms of content on a portable, connected device, as well as access a depth of productivity and other business-related apps, has led to the emergence of the tablet computer as a legitimate business communications and presentation tool. Financial services and insurance businesses have led the way, with some estimates suggesting that more than 35 percent of all business usage for tablets occurs within those industries. (428 KB)

Download You Can Make a Paperless Office Happen: Just 10 years or so ago the idea of having Adobe Acrobat on a PC was cutting edge. Today, Acrobat is on version 10 and a printer option on virtually every machine. (351 KB)

Download You Don’t Need Compliance Approval to Listen: Since the dawn of the age of social media a short five years ago, financial professionals have been analyzing their potential entry point into this new world of connectivity, transparency and conversation. Most are still on the sidelines. (212 KB)

Download Is the S&P 500 the Next Bubble?: One of the most well-established findings in the body of scholarly research on Mutual Fund Performance is that actively managed funds have typically underperformed passively managed funds on a net-of-fees basis. Investors’ realization of this has spurred a trend toward index fund investing over the past 20 years. (354 KB)

Download The Risk of Public Pension Plans: Defined benefit (DB) plans are the predominant type of retirement plan provided to individual workers by public pension plans and, historically, by private pension plans. Corporations have gradually shifted to defined contribution (DC) plans in an effort to reduce the liabilities that DB plans create for them and the increasing requirements for reporting these liabilities on their balance sheets (FASB 158). (242 KB)

Download Mildred F. Stone, Insurance Trailblazer: Mildred F. Stone came of age when the life insurance industry was predominantly a male-dominated business. Born in Bloomfield, N.J., in 1902, Mildred graduated from high school in 1920, the same year that the 19th amendment was approved and women were given the right to vote. (262 KB)

Download So Many Studies Can’t All Be Right Good news and bad news in the aftermath of Dodd-Frank: There was a large dose of “wait and see” embedded in the overwhelming Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation in the guise of an extensive number of studies to be conducted by various government agencies. While the purposes of the studies vary, many will constitute the basis for additional regulation or rulemaking. (358 KB)

Download Reunification Points to Team Effort: Life insurance producers are actively working with clients and technical advisers on opportunities for more effective estate, gift and generation-skipping transfer tax planning as a result of the reunification of gift and estate tax exemptions and other legislative changes that were signed into law by President Obama on December 17, 2010. Leading life insurance practitioners are armed with information to help clients, including the enhanced ability to fund premium payments, leveraged gifts to Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (ILITs) and other trusts, dynasty trusts, split dollar arrangements and Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts (GRATs). (252 KB)


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