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Download Estate Planning Without a Net: We said it couldn’t happen, but the impossible occurred at the end of 2009 with the lapse of the federal estate and generation- skipping taxes. Of course, Congress had its hands full in December with the completion of the Health Care Reform bill, but the Senate did not have the votes (then or now) to pass the estate tax extension at the 2009 levels (an exemption of $3.5 million and maximum rate of 45 percent) to avoid filibuster. (299 KB)

Download The Gold Standard Income tax treatment of investments in gold and other precious metals: Many clients have gold as part of their assets, so we thought it would be appropriate to provide some general tax information related to precious metal assets. If an individual investor sells gold, silver or other precious metal coins or bullion in a taxable transaction, any gain realized on such assets held 12 months or less is treated as shortterm capital gain. (941 KB)

Download Retirement Education Better questions lead to deeper understanding: Helping a client plan for retirement is not for the faint of heart. It starts with a simple question: “How can I make my retirement income last a lifetime?” That question, however, more often than not launches a thousand more questions. (788 KB)

Download Recovery to Growth A year in transition: In 2009 we experienced a year of dramatic reversal. In March of 2009 we were confronted with credit markets that were not functioning, the talk of nationalization of our banking system and a twelve-year low in the equity markets. (142 KB)

Download Five Perspectives on Understanding the New Business Environment: With our focus on “Climate Change—Understanding the New Business Environment,” it seemed most appropriate to use the interview section to get not just one person’s point of view, but five! We interviewed Tom Brown, MSFS, CLU®, ChFC®, CASL®; Vernon Hammond, CLU®; Karen Hansen, LUTCF; Raeann Kursch, CLU®, CFP® and Caesar Williams, CLU®, ChFC®. (4.2 MB)

Download Small Business Sales Using Donor Advised Funds: Every sale of a small business needs its own unique sales plan. When your small business owner client is ready to sell his business, you probably consider one or more of the following techniques: Buy-Sell Agreements, ESOPs, Sale on Terms, Discount Planning with Partnerships or LLCs, SCINs, GRATs, Gift Tax Exemption planning and other freezing techniques. (290 KB)

Download The New World of Disability Financial Planning: With the advent of true Disability Financial Planning, professional advisors and planners can balance their clients’ financial plans against the perils of Living Death and Dead Death. It was almost a century ago when Solomon Huebner, Ph.D., declared that financially people face two kinds of death. (826 KB)

Download Women and Money Research reveals unmet opportunities and risks: It’s no secret that women-owned wealth in America is expanding rapidly, and along with it, unprecedented demand for high-quality financial services, products and advice. Research studies across academia, the industry and the media universally affirm the growing financial clout of American females. (532 KB)

Download Retirement Business is Changing; Advisors are Adapting: Over the past two years, the economic climate and the financial services marketplace have changed drastically, significantly impacting advisors working in the qualified plan space. Overall, plan sales were down 20 percent in 2009 versus 2008, and 11 percent of advisors who sold plans in 2008 did not sell any plans in 2009. (358 KB)

Download Dr. Solomon S. Huebner The father of life insurance and founder of The American College: Solomon Stephen Huebner is considered by many to be the most important individual in the history of insurance in America in the last 100 years. He shaped the course of the life insurance/financial services industry and professional education for agents. (1.8 MB)

Download Watch Out for Legislation That’s “Too Big to Fail”: Federal financial services reform may have started with a few core ideas in an attempt to prevent a recurrence of the Great Recession: providing investors and home buyers with more protections, preventing “too big to fail” institutions from posing systemic risk, adjusting bank capital requirements and regulations, and creating more transparency for credit default swaps. But these are inherently complex issues, and the interconnected nature of global financial markets does not easily translate into a simple legislative solution (1.5 MB)

Download Climate Change Doing business in the new business environment: Mention climate change and most people think of rising oceans, melting arctic ice fields and ever expanding deserts. We talk about how hot or cold it is while the scientific and policy communities debate the existence and extent of global warming. (141 KB)


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