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Download Gender Differences in Longevity and Aging: Most articles on the subject of longevity give only a superficial reference to gender differences, but the differences can be substantial. We often hear anecdotal stories of nursing home residents being mostly female. (1.5 MB)

Download Innovations in Retirement Income Planning Software can give you the edge to stay ahead of your financial services competitor.: To stay competitive in the 21st century, advisors will need access to planning software that incorporates the latest validated findings from ongoing research in the financial planning field — while also automating processes to help make advisors as efficient and effective as possible when serving their clients. In this regard, I have enjoyed the opportunity to serve as the director of retirement research for inStream Solutions, a cloud-based proactive planning software for advisors based in Alexandria, Virginia (839 KB)

Download Advisors and the Behavioral Finance Dilemma: People make financial decisions based on emotion and biases. I am sure you are not surprised to hear that. (445 KB)

Download Partnering With an RIA Consider offering your clients more robust services.: As advisors, we are always looking for ways to earn and enhance the level of trust we receive from our clients and prospects. Whether the clients say so or not, they want to work with an advisor who is a winner. (197 KB)

Download 2014: Second-half Market Outlook Will the U.S. continue on a path of slow and steady economic recovery?: Well, here we are well into the second half of 2014. Who can believe it? A quick look back on how the country fared during the first six months reveals that it was a struggle for sure. (279 KB)

Download Smooth Sailing on Uncertain Waters: Timing is everything. Clients buying assets during a market low have the potential to benefit from a market increase. (508 KB)

Download When Advisors Take the Lead The tools of charitable giving are legacies in the making.: A number of years ago I went to the University of Utah Medical Center for a routine checkup and found myself waiting in the Reed W. Brinton Lobby. I was humbled to be there, for Reed Brinton is an associate of mine and a leader in both the industry and community. (566 KB)

Download Distribution and Some Surprising Trends You’ll Want to Know About An interview with Robert (Bob) A. Kerzner, CLU®, ChFC®: Mike: Strong distribution is essential to our industry; yet there are external forces that are impacting our business today. What do you believe are the things that will influence distribution in the future? (384 KB)

Download To Build a Trusted Advisor Network, Ask the Right Questions Developing relationships with other advisors is essential.: Ask any financial services professional to opine on the most effective way to reach clients, particularly clients in the high-net-worth space, and you will undoubtedly hear the same response: through a well-developed network of trusted advisors. Unfortunately, while everyone seems to know this, few can articulate how to go about establishing such a network. (841 KB)

Download What Is the True Value of Human Capital? Are you ignoring the human capital aspect of planning for the future of your business?: Succession planning has two key components: the financial component and the human capital component. They are both critical. (381 KB)

Download The Road Less Traveled A reflection from a young financial professional.: “No one likes you when you’re 23” — the lyrics from Blink 182’s hit song can be heard in dozens of coffee shops across the nation this very moment. It can never be said that life is easy. (476 KB)

Download Help Clients Think Beyond Themselves Your clients can pass on more than money to their children.: After looking at their inward needs, the next area most clients are concerned with is their immediate family. Most planning software and training programs look at life insurance needs. (276 KB)

Download Know the Secret to a Successful Business Succession Plan? A coordinated effort is vital for an effective business exit and succession plan.: The challenges of exit and succession planning and execution are many. There is great need for effective management and coordination of this vital element in assuring the perpetuation of a mid-market company, as the majority of closely held companies don’t have a documented exit or transition strategy for the owners—and many of those that exist aren’t effectively implemented. (616 KB)

Download Evolving Your Practice: The Value of Financial Advice Provide your clients high caliber service and a more direct route to achieving their goals.: Taking your practice to the next level by deliberately offering financial advice is not only a move that benefits you and your clients, but also may be the only choice for advisors in the future. As several countries have already enacted legislation to either completely or partially ban commission payments to financial advisors, product compensation could become obsolete in the future, and advice could become the standard. (539 KB)

Download Managing Leadership Transitions: Advice for Advisors Who Work With Women Advisors can learn from each other in adapting to the rise of women as leaders.: The landscape of leadership in family businesses is changing. As more young women graduate from college and seek professional work, many are turning to their family’s business as a place where they can develop their careers, assure financial security and sustain the legacy of their family’s business into the next generation. (385 KB)

Download Building a New Business — Creating a New Paradigm Building a financial services business today requires a new focus.: For most of my career I’ve been directly associated with the life insurance industry, spending many years as an agent and later serving as the head of a large insurer’s subsidiary. We focused on providing design, sales and technical support to agents using company-owned life insurance (COLI/BOLI) arrangements as informal funding vehicles for employer liabilities created by nonqualified retirement plans. (247 KB)

Download Eight Ways to Know You’ve Partnered With the Right Wholesaler How do you choose the right product-partner solution for your business?: The power of choice — it’s a fundamental part of our free society. And yet the ability to have unlimited choices can be positively paralyzing. (308 KB)

Download Developing High-performing Teams Fostering a high-performing financial services team means a better experience for your clients.: Why is it important to build high-performing teams? High-performing teams allow advisors to focus on high-value activities, such as business development, relationship building and all forms of client face time. (329 KB)

Download A Great (Defined Contribution) Divide Which role do you play in the qualified plan field?: Qualified retirement plans, especially defined contribution (DC) plans, occupy a unique and changing niche in many advisors’ practices. As these plans have grown in importance to both employers and employees over the past decade, so has the role of a financial advisor in helping employers select and manage effective plans as well as in helping employees make best use of these plans to work toward achieving retirement readiness. (700 KB)

Download Planning for Retirement: The Role of 401(k)s in Retirement Income As fewer retirees receive retirement income from traditional pension plans, the role of 401(k) plans is becoming more important.: Individuals have a realistic chance at a secure retirement when they augment Social Security with appropriate savings behavior. 401(k)s and similar types of plans (“401(k) plans”) are the most promising vehicles to foster good savings behavior, particularly when plans have automatic features that help individuals make the right savings decisions. The Pension Protection Act of 2006 (PPA) significantly improved the effectiveness of 401(k) plans by facilitating the adoption of features such as automatic enrollment and automatic contribution escalation, which help to increase participation and improve savings adequacy. (197 KB)

Download Employer-sponsored Health Insurance — a Thing of the Past? Will individuals rely less on employer-sponsored benefits and more on professional advice for financial planning?: On June 30th, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a 5-4 opinion in the case of Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, which was heralded by the right as a victory for religious liberty and corporate rights and by the left as a slippery slope that enhances corporate personhood to such a degree that claims of religiosity could trump the rights of individuals. The Court’s opinion is not likely to have much impact on either the implementation of the Affordable Care Act or the availability of contraception. (317 KB)

Download Big Data in Financial Services Business intelligence technology brings big data analytics within reach of small businesses.: Over the past 15 years, technological innovations dramatically decreased the cost of computing power, data storage and data transmission. No process has been more impacted by this trend than knowledge management and analysis. (760 KB)

Download Surviving the First Year Students from the doctoral program’s inaugural cohort put the Ph.D. in perspective.: With the first year of the doctoral program behind them, students in the first cohort to begin the Ph.D. in Financial and Retirement Planning may feel a bit weary at the moment; but they are none the worse for wear and all the more determined to finish what they started. “I was expecting that this would be difficult, but I did not know just how difficult. (130 KB)

Download Dr. Dan McGill — Keeping the Dream Alive: As much as he appreciated the experience of living and working on the family farm near Greenback, Tennessee, Dan M. McGill admits, “I couldn’t wait to get off the farm and do something else!” He was a curious and capable student and whizzed through elementary and high school by the time he was 16. (301 KB)

Download Rock and Roll Retirement Planner: John J. Jacobs, CLU®, is passionate about two things — business and music. As his wife Lorraine joked with him once about his busy schedule: “You’re either in your car or at a concert.” (583 KB)

Download Their Story — Not Your Story: Having just returned from my 45th consecutive Million Dollar Round Table annual meeting, I am once again “renewed, repowered and recommitted.” To spend four days with some of the very best practitioners in our profession from 70 countries can’t help but provide a person with a feeling of self-worth and positive expectancy that is off the charts. (129 KB)


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