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Download Retirement Income Education Insights: I, along with many others both inside and outside of The American College, put a lot of thought and hard labor into the recently completed Retirement Income Certified Professional™ (RICP™) designation. For me, this was one of the most interesting and rewarding professional experiences that I have had at The College, as completing the task involved: • Identifying a process for building a retirement income plan • Clarifying all the issues that need to be addressed when building a plan • Determining what advisors need to know to do this work • Gathering many different voices to teach the concepts—including six faculty members who built competencies along with the nine other faculty members and 38 outside experts who participated in the program (1.2 MB)

Download How Can You Support Families With Special Needs?: The term “special needs” has expanded greatly over the past several years. Once used to describe only the physically or significantly mentally impaired, special needs now refers to a wide range of individuals with varying physical and mental capabilities. (1006 KB)

Download Q4: Market Storm?: So much has changed over the past 30 years—market structure, market access, execution speed, products, venues, lit pools, dark pools, decimalization, debits and credits (rebate trading) have all resulted in fractured and fragmented markets that the average investor no longer understands. This has caused some to completely abandon the U.S. capital markets— and this is not what should be happening. (703 KB)

Download Strategy for Intrafamily Mortgage Loans: Explore the benefits of intrafamily mortgage loans for your clients. In the ongoing difficult borrowing environment, some potential homebuyers have found the best way to finance a purchase is not from a major commercial bank, but from an intrafamily loan through the “family bank.” (890 KB)

Download Funding Special Needs Trusts With Life Insurance Linked Benefits: When families have the proper technical guidance and financial resources to plan for the future well-being of a special needs family member, they generally establish and prepare to fund a “special needs trust.” The focus is on future financial resources and a support mechanism that takes into account the ultimate death of the caregivers or breadwinners, usually the parents. (859 KB)

Download Your Pet is Part of the Family, Too!: The pet insurance industry is growing at a rapid rate, mostly because the demand for enhanced and more sophisticated care for cats and dogs continues to grow despite a struggling economy. According to the American Pet Products Association, which conducts a survey every year to gauge the spending habits of pet owners, this is because even in a down economy, pets still come first. (504 KB)

Download Fractured: A Cautionary Tale of Family Loss: Meet John Farmer. As he steps out the door of the home he and his wife have lived in for the last 35 years, he surveys the farm he grew up on and has worked all his life. He remembers how he helped his grandpa clear the trees and brush from the fence line and put in clay tile by hand. (487 KB)

Download The Changing Sense of “Family”: The world of financial planning, as we knew it, changed on June 26, 2013, as did the definition of family. Thea Spyer died in 2009. (651 KB)

Download Families That Flourish, Give!: During the latter half of the 20th century, financial services professionals became very sophisticated in their ability to help people and families manage their tangible assets (money, physical property, etc.) by utilizing planning methodologies like financial planning, estate planning, retirement planning and tax planning. As we move more deeply into the 21st century, managing tangible assets is no less challenging or necessary. (658 KB)

Download The American Family in the Twenty-first Century An Interview with Alan M. Jaffe, Psy.D.: There is no longer what used to be called a “typical American family.” The 2010 U.S. census has recognized the changing complexion of the American household and now refers to it as exactly that: a household. (881 KB)

Download Family Matters: Providing Answers for Times Like These: It has been more than 30 years since the song “We Are Family” reached No. 1 on the charts, but the sentiment still rings true. In the age of volatile markets and diminishing corporate and government benefits, it has never been more important for families to come together and care for each other. (310 KB)

Download Prospect With Passion!: “See more people.” Many an advisor has heard this phrase when questioning how they can increase revenue. “See better people” is usually the subsequent phrase coming from their manager, coach, mentor, colleague, spouse or whomever is familiar with the Al Granum principles of Building a Financial Services Clientele. (468 KB)

Download Social Media Insights for Financial Professionals: Advisors are bombarded with messages about social media. The unwritten expectation is that a social media strategy should be a key part of an advisor’s marketing plan. (1.1 MB)

Download Retirement Plan Benchmarking: How the Advisor Can Benefit: The last five years have seen a steady rise of benchmarking in the qualified plan marketplace. Increasingly, plan sponsors want to know how their plan and the service providers they hire compare to other plans and providers. (438 KB)

Download Health Exchanges: Cautious Optimism, Concern for Brokers: The American College sits just a few miles outside Philadelphia, home to the Reading Terminal Market, a large and historic public market where thousands of locals and visitors daily peruse fresh produce, meats, fish, baked goods and almost any specialty food you can imagine. It is a bustling place with long lines at lunch and low prices on basic goods, attracting shoppers from all walks of life. (666 KB)

Download Do You Leverage and Maximize Technology?: I have two young children at home, so naturally, the impact of today’s technology on the traditional family unit is always of great interest to me. I have read countless pieces debating the pros and cons of iPads, social networks and the constant stream of news and information to which our children have grown accustomed. (699 KB)

Download Doing More With Less: Inexpensive Technology to Increase Productivity: I am fascinated by the interaction of multiple generations in today’s workplace, so when I heard the theme for this edition was “It’s All About Family,” I started thinking of how to incorporate the multigenerational aspect of family into this column. Then it hit me: The simple fact that there is a column on using websites and mobile apps in business is itself a study of the needs of the various generations who make up the members and clients of the financial services industry. (484 KB)

Download The Magic of Our Products: Early in my career, I found that I could stay busy working the night shift—marriage leads, birth leads, etc., but I was struggling for daytime activity. I decided to just start down the street and call on every business I encountered. (409 KB)

Download Why Designations Matter: Throughout my career I have had occasion to talk with several financial advisors, planners, insurance agents, brokers and other industry professionals about some of the reasons why people choose to pursue or not to pursue designations. I have heard differing views on the topic and thought I’d share some of my insights as to why I chose and still choose to pursue financial designations and degrees. (289 KB)

Download Davis W. Gregg – Four Decades of Educational Leadership: Davis Weinert Gregg was born in Texas on March 12, 1918, into a family of educators. His father was a lawyer, and most of his sisters became teachers. In Gregg’s words, “The notion that education is good had permeated my life quietly.” (295 KB)

Download Fiduciary Fireworks: Framing the Discussion for the SEC: The Center for Ethics in Financial Services does not take advocacy positions on matters of public policy, and we will not do so here. Rather, we will make some observations on the ethical implications of your potential actions and what appear to be your underlying assumptions. (312 KB)


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