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Download What Everyone Should Know Before Claiming Social Security Benefits: Because nearly two-thirds of retirees receive more than half of their income from Social Security, there can be no doubt that the choice of when to claim benefits is one of the most important financial planning decisions a client can make. Yet there is clearly a disconnect between what clients are doing and what clients should be doing. (1.3 MB)

Download Healthcare Reform’s Effect on Medicare: On March 23, 2010, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law and, since then, has dramatically changed the landscape of the healthcare industry. The changes initiated by healthcare reform have and will continue to have far reaching implications. (500 KB)

Download Running Out of Money: The Wall Street Journal dated April 4, 2011, had a fascinating article titled “Feds Low Interest Rates Crack Retirees’ Nest Eggs.” The article described the dilemma facing 91-year-old Forrest Yeager, a resident of Port Charlotte, Fla. (935 KB)

Download Women and Retirement Failing to plan = Planning to fail: It has been said that failure to plan amounts to planning to fail. Nowhere is this more evident than in the relationship between American women and planning for a financially secure retirement. (596 KB)

Download ESOP Company Retirement Income: A recent poll showed that in this long economic downturn college graduates can’t find well-paying jobs. When they do find work, unless they have specialized skills and education in certain fields, they will not have retirement plans that are funded by the employer. (336 KB)

Download Retirement funds: 0 Life expectancy: beyond my income: In the olden days people prepared for retirement with pension plans. Those plans promised a lifetime of income for the retiree and, sometimes, their spouse. (713 KB)

Download Retirement Dreams Rearranged: Retirement planning, in a financial context, refers to the allocation of fi nances for the period of time in our life we call “retirement.” This normally means the setting aside of money or other assets to obtain a steady income for the time when we decide to stop working. (620 KB)

Download Retirement Chores for Seniors: Never before in history have seniors had so many choices on how to live the balance of their lives. Never before have professional financial advisors had this kind of opportunity to make an impact on the futures of our senior citizens. (588 KB)

Download Sense and Nonsense Regarding Distribution Portfolios: We classify most personal portfolios as being for accumulation or distribution. In an accumulation portfolio, the client is accruing wealth toward a particular objective, such as retirement. In a distribution portfolio, the client is withdrawing cash on a consistent basis. (1021 KB)

Download The Cost of a Good Night’s Sleep: When accumulating assets, lower-cost, equity-based portfolio models tend to build more terminal wealth than their higher- cost counterparts (Pang and Warschawsky, 2009; Vernon, 2009). In most fi nancial planning applications, lowering net investment costs raises net investment returns. (304 KB)

Download Does Your Portfolio Need a Shock Absorber?: The financial meltdown that began in 2008 has produced an encyclopedia of lessons for just about everyone. For investors, few lessons were more important or more painful than this: Asset allocation didn’t work nearly as well as it was supposed to. (189 KB)

Download Retirement Security It’s a whole new world: The retirement security environment and the related battlefield for financial services organizations continue to change substantially. The ongoing financial crisis has accelerated this evolution. (313 KB)

Download How to Make Asset-Based LTC Insurance Part of Your Practice: In June, LIMRA research data showed that new premium sales for asset-based longterm care (LTC) insurance products grew by 62 percent in 2010, a strong follow-up to the double-digit growth for these products in 2009. In fact, 2010 sales surpassed $1 billion. (309 KB)

Download Farm Transition Planning and Retirement Planning: Of the 2.13 million farms in the United States, 98 percent of them are family owned. Statistically, the farm operator is getting older with the median age being 57 (U.S. Department of Agriculture). (1.4 MB)

Download Succession Planning for the Advisor Selling a financial services practice: “The shoemaker’s children are often shoeless.” Or so goes the old proverb. (648 KB)

Download Ensuring Beneficiaries Receive Intended Assets: Most individuals, including those of modest means, think about who should receive their property items when they are gone. Some will go so far as to tell the future recipient that a particular item will, in time, belong to them. (580 KB)

Download Guaranteed Lifetime Income Products CEO of IRI shares her perspective: Catherine Weatherford is president and CEO of the Insured Retirement Institute (IRI). She talks about IRI and its role in the association for the insured retirement income industry. (434 KB)

Download Perfection and the 7 Iron: Success in our profession requires more than good luck, perseverance and hard work. Success requires pursuing perfection A reminder of that pursuit sits in my office—a 7-iron golf club that is jointed two-thirds of the way down the shaft. (648 KB)

Download Prospecting for Seniors: When was the last time you turned on the television and saw an advertisement for the Clapper (lights go on with the clap of your hands), or the one with the woman saying, “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”® (for Life Alert,® the personal emergency response system)? Chances are, you have not only seen them, but seen them many times (270 KB)

Download Grow Your Retirement and Business with Executive Benefits: You are a successful financial advisor. You have strong relationships with your clients, and they look to you to help with their challenges and opportunities. (612 KB)

Download Is That Your (Unintentional) Retirement Advice?: If there’s one thing that has remained certain in this decade of diffi culty, it’s the gold standard advice for retirement planning: Save a healthy amount of your income, start young, invest steadily, and you’ll be able to retire when you want to and enjoy the standard of living for which you hoped and dreamed. Yet the reality is this model of retirement planning advice is actually far more speculative than we have ever acknowledged, and might be better summed up as: Save for decades, build a base, and then in the last few years quickly double your wealth with investment growth and retire happily. (285 KB)

Download Leadership Development – Why Take the Time?: This is the first in a series of management/ leadership articles. We will be addressing the issues, questions and solutions facing both traditional fi eld leaders who hire and train sales people, and insurance/fi nancial services professionals whose success depends on a strong support staff. (261 KB)

Download Five Ways Advisors Can Use Wholesalers to Get to Their Own Retirement: This past July, SunAmerica, in collaboration with Age Wave, released a study entitled Retirement Reset that looked at the views of Americans and their retirement post-recession. The following statement appeared on the official Retirement Reset website ( “Americans have emerged from the economic recession with a new set of expectations around the purpose, timing and funding of their retirement. (227 KB)

Download Will Your Client’s Public Defi ned Benefi t Pension Plan Disappear?: Attendees at a meeting of retirement experts and fi nancial services industry practitioners at The New York Life Center for Retirement Income earlier this year discussed a defi nition for retirement income planning and pointed out the diffi culties of switching from the accumulation process to the decumulation process. Added to that diffi culty is the risk facing both individual government workers and state and local governments in fi nancing and paying benefi ts for workers who retire with a defined benefit (DB) plan. (570 KB)

Download Women Need to Think Beyond Today: Because women are statistically more likely to live longer and to leave the job market and reenter it years later, they are less likely to have enough saved for retirement. That’s definitely a double whammy. (299 KB)

Download Evolving to Fee-Based Compensation in the Retirement Plan Business: Retirement plan advisors are moving away from commission to fee-based compensation models at a rapid rate. While widely recognized within the advisor-served marketplace, this pace of change is note worthy. (213 KB)

Download Supporting Retirement Income Clients: Key Insights for Independent Advisors: Providing support for retired clients is not a new role for advisors. Yet the issues that professionals grapple with in serving retirees are more perplexing today than ever. (148 KB)

Download Getting Ready for Google Plus: The social media landscape has emerged quickly over the past 5 years, with dominant brands like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn each counting hundreds of millions of users in their ranks. The massive reach of these forms of media has made social media an important component of consumer communications for financial services corporations, as well as their employees and affiliates. (539 KB)

Download Edward Woods First American College president and industry pioneer: Andrew Carnegie once said: “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives. (268 KB)

Download Washington Surprise: A Glimmer of Agreement in the Fiduciary Wrangle?: It’s common knowledge these days that the right and left never agree on anything. So why is Barney Frank writing letters to the SEC cautioning them on overreach in their extension of the fiduciary standard? (465 KB)

Download Debt Reduction Roundup: Our country is arguably at a crossroads— one with difficult choices and daunting challenges in all directions. Congress just wrapped up months of haggling over an agreement to raise the U.S. debt limit while at the same time making a down payment on our long-term debt dilemma. (353 KB)

Download How to Best Serve and Protect Your Senior Clients: Nearly 40 million Americans are 65 or older, and this number is expected to increase dramatically to roughly 89 million by 2050. As a result, financial services professionals may find themselves with a growing number of senior clients in the coming years. (196 KB)


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