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Download Developing a Retirement Income Plan: As retirement income planning is a relatively new discipline, one concern is that advisors may not have a clear process for developing a plan. Here are 10 steps for developing a robust retirement income plan that addresses the client’s income needs, the various risks that clients face in retirement, and legal and tax issues that impact the plan. (728 KB)

Download Change the Conversation on Social Security Benefits: Imagine this: You’re presented with the business deal of a lifetime and based on the option you choose, your income could change by hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of the contract. What would you do to help make the right decision? (326 KB)

Download Helping Clients Through Retirement: Financial security in retirement requires more than getting to a number—or closing a gap—in a client’s accumulation plan. It also requires addressing the risks of retirement: longevity concerns; health care and long-term care needs; uncertainties involving taxes and inflation; and the desire to leave a legacy (352 KB)

Download If Immediate Annuities are Such a Great Solution, Why Doesn’t Anyone Want to Buy One?: The greatest fear of a retiree is living longer than expected and/or outliving his/her money. Only slightly less worrisome is the similar risk that the retiree lives so long that inflation erodes wealth and income to the point that the retiree can’t maintain his/her standard of living. (574 KB)

Download Manage Your Clients to Good Credit Health: Credit worthiness is an important asset to any consumer. The ability to borrow, interest rates charged and debt conditions born by a client carry potentially more magnitude than decisions of portfolio allocation, retirement plan funding and choosing between fixed income products. (605 KB)

Download The New Era of Disability Financial Planning: The days of one disability policy to serve the needs of all people have come to an end. We have entered a new era of disability financial planning. (458 KB)

Download Serving Our Hometown Heroes Through Financial Advice: After a decade of fighting multiple wars through air, ground and sea combat, United States service members will be faced with multiple force reductions over the next several years. This assessment rests upon broad assumptions that each military department (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard) will take equivalent cuts. (961 KB)

Download Five Great Misperceptions About Selling Disability Insurance: I have been in the business of marketing and/or selling disability income protection for more than 25 years. During that period of time we have seen the industry shake-up of the 1990’s, as our industry went from upwards of 300 carriers to approximately 30 companies. (827 KB)

Download The Long-Term Care Dilemma New Options to Help Clients with Their Financial Health: A recent press release headline was an attention-grabber for anyone in the business of creating financial security for their clients. It read, “Americans Ignore Need for Long-Term Care Planning Despite Knowing More about the Risks.” (417 KB)

Download The Gospel of Generosity: The single most influential work in the history of American philanthropy is Andrew Carnegie’s essay, “The Gospel of Wealth.” Carnegie (1835-1919) was a Scottish-American industrialist who spearheaded the great expansion of the American steel industry in the late 19th century, supplying the key ingredient for the booming railroad and building industries. (482 KB)

Download There’s a Doctor in the House A Candid Discussion on Underwriting New Business: William B. Camm, MD, FALU, FLMI, CLU®, ARA, ACS is Vice President and Corporate Medical Director for the OneAmerica Partner Companies, which includes American United Life (AUL), State Life and Pioneer Mutual. He has also been the medical director for a large substance abuse unit and a medical consultant for several insurance companies (758 KB)

Download The High Cost of Low Trust: At the foundation of every personal interaction, client relationship, family, organization, business, economy and even culture is one fundamental value: trust. Without trust, governments become dictatorships. (693 KB)

Download Women in the Marketplace More Than Ever, They’re Wearing the Pants: Whenever there is a discussion about the economy, financial growth and the direction of future wealth in the country, the changing face in the marketplace is always part of the conversation. While our economy has always been primarily driven by the transactional model dominated by men, we are seeing that it is morphing into the more relational style of women. (392 KB)

Download Leading Through Employee Adversity: Ask any leader, “What makes you lose sleep at night?” and it should come as no surprise that re-insurance costs or dental coverage are not at the top of their list. What they will tell you about are their employees’ everyday personal problems—family and marital, stress and depression, child and elder care, and financial and legal issues—that occupy a great deal of their employees’ time and energy both on and off the job, according to Maureen Gleason in her article “It’s Not Just Mental,” which appeared in the July 2009 issue of Benefits Selling Magazine. (593 KB)

Download New Ways to Work with Small Business Owners: Maybe you’ve faced this dilemma: A small business client of yours calls one day, asking if you can help her evaluate a business problem she’s having. Her cash flow is tight and getting tighter, and she thinks that you would be the right person to talk to about anything money related. (636 KB)

Download The Five Habits of Financial Health: To achieve financial health, there is more needed than financial planning; there’s doing. Sure, planning is part of the process, but you also have to do what is necessary to achieve financial health. (477 KB)

Download Women Business Owners New Research from The American College: What are the financial concerns, actions and risks women business owners face in America today? How are they similar to and different from those of male entrepreneurs? Insights to these questions are sought in landmark research just released by The State Farm Center for Women and Financial Services at The American College (The Center). (1.0 MB)

Download Wholesaling in the Shifting Advisor Paradigm: It always comes as a surprise and is a bit troubling that retirement plan wholesalers receive poor ratings from advisors. Perhaps it’s personal. (2.1 MB)

Download Facilitating Financial Wellness During Physical Illness: It hits like a bolt from the blue. Your client receives the unexpected news that he has cancer, her unborn child will have Down syndrome, his aging mother is showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease, or that his teenage daughter has sustained a traumatic head injury in an automobile accident. (404 KB)

Download Don’t Neglect Your Health at the Expense of Your Wealth: I know you review your checking account often, but how many times have you checked your posture this week? Probably not at all. (487 KB)

Download Doing More with Less Using Cheap Technology to Increase Productivity: Much has been written about Steve Jobs since his passing last year. Whether an eccentric genius, tyrannical CEO or both, there is no denying that his influence revolutionized mobile computing. (659 KB)

Download A Prescription for Reaching the Underserved: Selling insurance isn’t easy but it’s so very important. We know the right policy can save a family from financial hardship, and we know how to get the message across—to some populations better than others. (613 KB)

Download Real Cases – Real Clients: Logging more than 60 years in the life insurance business has given me a number of true stories to tell about the positive outcomes that life insurance can provide. (523 KB)

Download Ernest J. Clark, A Significant and Visionary American College President: Along with his colleagues, founder of The American College Solomon Huebner and first president of the institution Edward Woods, Ernest J. Clark helped build The College from the ground up. The three-man team was dedicated to protecting citizens against financial losses resulting from illness, old age or human catastrophes. (357 KB)

Download Philanthropy Coupled with Wealth Replacement: An often mentioned technique for making a philanthropic gift and preserving wealth for distribution is to utilize a charitable remainder unitrust (CRUT), coupled with an irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT) funded with life insurance. This becomes a win-win situation whereby the donor accomplishes a charitable gift to his or her favorite charity through the remainder interest of the CRUT. (444 KB)

Download Where Regulators Will Land on the Fiduciary Issue and Why You Should Care: The massive Dodd-Frank financial reform bill requires more than 400 rulemakings and studies, impacting 21 different federal agencies. This cumbersome process will keep going, extending years into the future. (318 KB)

Download Elections, Tax Reform, Protecting Life Insurance and Building Your Business: In more than a quarter century, I don’t know that I have seen greater cause for concern or greater cause for optimism. Chief sources of concern are our unprecedented federal budget deficit and debt, the broad legislative interest in comprehensive tax reform and intense focus on new sources of revenue to address these problems—all representing significant challenges to the tax treatment and use of life insurance products. (440 KB)


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