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Download Expand Your Clientele Through Cultural Diversity:In recent years there has been a great deal of buzz regarding the importance of tapping into diverse markets. Astute financial services practitioners have long recognized the value of expanding into nontraditional markets. (396 KB)

Download Planning for a Special Needs Individual: Planning for a special needs individual (SNI) is perhaps the most challenging case that an advisor will confront. The planners will have to deal with an uncertain future with respect to the potential personal and financial needs of the SNI and a myriad of complex issues. (681 KB)

Download Navigating the Industry’s Diverse Landscape: We had the pleasure of interviewing four well-known and highly respected individuals for this diversity issue of the magazine. The first is a top producer in Chicacgo, Thomas L. McLeary, CLU®. (410 KB)

Download Non-traded REITs Can Diversify Investment Portfolios While Reducing Volatility:“Diversify, diversify, diversify” is a cornerstone of modern portfolio theory. But many leading portfolio theorists responsible for advancing modern asset allocation concepts have suggested that we need to expand the definition of portfolio diversification to include a broader array of asset classes, adding a number of key alternative investments, such as real estate, private equity, commodities and currency to the more typical stocks, bonds and cash approach. (323 KB)

Download Disability Insurance and Divorce Settlements:In the world of disability insurance, most financial advisors focus on protecting their clients in the event of an accident or illness that prevents them from working. Their client is the primary beneficiary. (454 KB)

Download Prospecting from Two Different Perspectives: When it comes to prospecting, there are some important rules of thumb to follow if the efforts are going to pay dividends in the form of bountiful clients and referrals, whether you are in the insurance business or not. For example, Jim Metz is a dentist with a fabulously successful practice. (350 KB)

Download “Brady Bunch” Style Estate Planning:Estate planning is never simple. Cohabitation, second marriages, stepchildren and the whole “yours, mine and ours” situation make it even more difficult. (550 KB)

Download The Perfect Time for Whole Life: I recently met with an extremely high net-worth client who has extensive experience in market analysis, real estate development and project management to discuss using whole life as a tax-efficient place to hold idle cash. His chief financial officer joined us. (301 KB)

Download Planning Advantages for Farm and Ranch Families: Consider Jack and Molly Thompsons’ family ranch in one of Colorado’s mountain valleys. The Thompsons own a 1,500-acre cattle ranch, which is operated by their son, Tim, and his wife, Sue. (279 KB)

Download The New World of Investing From practical to tactical: Day breaks and you ask, “What’s changed?” Over 45 years I’ve seen plenty of change. (370 KB)

Download Producer Success – Does Gender Matter?: American women today own more than half the nation’s wealth, represent 52 percent of the workforce and comprise more than 60 percent of those earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Yet, many of the same advancements they have realized in other industries have yet to be achieved in financial services. (326 KB)

Download Differentiating Yourself in a Crowded Marketplace: Brand recognition has always been very important to the financial services marketplace. Because several levels of products and services are presented to the consumer, organizations have worked extremely hard to ensure their brand stands out amongst their peers. (863 KB)

Download A New Era in Regulation Are you ready?: The most sweeping re-write of our nation’s financial rules and regulations since the 1930s—The Dodd- Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act—is now the law of the land. The legislation aims to address the issue of broker and advisor standard of conduct obligations when providing personalized investment advice to their retail customers about securities, and to resolve the debate over the broad expansion of a fiduciary duty to brokers and many life insurance agents. (296 KB)


Fall 2010

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Fall 2010


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