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Summer 1952


In previous years the emphasis of our meetings was mainly upon the creative thrift and investment aspects of life insurance. The following four life insurance services were stressed; namely, (1) that life insurance is a convenient and scientifically sound installment plan of investment, readily adaptable to the needs of all classes and embodying almost perfectly all of the twenty attributes looked for in a good investment; (2) that the life insurance service to the public is an investment management service, inexpensive, highly expert, and fully designed to free the policyholder of all managerial cares and worries; (3) that life insurance accumulations constitute an emergency fund for the policyholder and his dependents, ever available to the promised amount by way of loan and surrender, within bounds of reason and economic justice, whenever the acid test of a real economic emergency may strike; and (4) that life insurance is necessary, as property insurance, to protect the insured's non-life insurance property estate against the numerous shrinkages which occur at the owner's death and which are inevitably associated with the social customs, the governmental demands, and the economic requirements which come into play whenever the property estate and its owner are parted by death.