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The True Impact of Immediate Annuities on Retirement Sustainability: A Total Wealth Perspective

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Spring 2014


Past research on systematic withdrawals and annuitization tends to find that partial annuitization reduces the probability of financial asset depletion and may even provide an opportunity to build a larger portfolio legacy value for sufficiently long retirement periods. We agree with these findings, but determine that partial annuitization itself is only the reason for these outcomes in a subset of cases. When retiree wealth is investigated from a total balance sheet perspective, by including the present value of remaining single-premium immediate annuity (SPIA) payments as a way to show the implied stock/bond asset allocation glidepath, a significant portion of the benefits provided by a stocks/SPIA strategy can be explained by the implied rising equity glidepath underlying the approach. Accordingly, we examine the relative success of static portfolios, stock/SPIA portfolios, and dynamic stock/bond portfolios that match the glidepath of a stock/SPIA strategy, in order to separate the impact of the glidepath and the impact of mortality credits into their component parts.